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Project summary

This project is usually quoted for 2 hours, at a rate of $85/hour. We will add the product page and cart banners to your published Shopify theme. These banners will have the default styling and it’s not possible to make custom changes to the text. 

Why the banners are important

Buyers are more likely to abandon carts if they don’t see messaging that their preferred payment method is available. These banners let your customers know that Shop Pay Installments is available on your store before they check out through Shop Pay. Shopify stores that show the product page banner see an increased average order value and 55% more installments orders compared to stores without it.

Your theme may already have the product page banner

As of January 2022, the latest versions of all themes from the Shopify Themes Store already include the product page banner. Before requesting help, please check whether your theme already has the banner. To do so, activate Shop Pay Installments in your Shopify Payments settings and then visit one of your product pages. If the banner isn’t there, please proceed with this request.

Note: the cart banner is not yet included by default in any Shopify themes. If your theme already has the product page banner but you would also like the cart banner, please proceed with this request.

Additional resources

At this time, Shop Pay Installments is only available to merchants in the United States who sell in USD, and have Shopify Payments and Shop Pay enabled. The banner will only appear if Shop Pay Installments is turned on in your Shopify Payments settings.

For more information about Shop Pay Installments, please visit Shopify’s Help Center or contact Shopify Support.


Add Shop Pay Installments banners to your theme

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Add Shop Pay Installments banners to your theme

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