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Project summary

It’s inevitable—at some point, one product variant or another will be sold out. It could be the most popular size or an especially attractive color. Crossing out the sold-out options or hiding them from view altogether will make it obvious which of your products are currently available for purchase.

Making it crystal clear which product variants are in stock will help prevent confused and disappointed customers. This way, you can emphasize the products that are available, while ensuring visitors don’t set their hearts on one they can’t have right now.

Who is this for
Shopify merchants who want their stores to accurately represent the available inventory and therefore avoid misleading the customers. 

What do we offer
Our team can tweak your theme to completely hide the sold out products, cross them out or grey them out, in order to visibly show your shoppers it's unavailable at that moment.

This implementation will be available for all your current and future products that are sold out and it would work based on the inventory of your products, which means every time your inventory for a product is 0, the product/variant will be hidden or crossed out.


Disable Sold-Out Variants

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Disable Sold-Out Variants

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