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Project summary

Sending newsletters, promotional emails to your customers is essential to increasing the store conversion rate. However, it is also important to first get consent, which, in some countries, is mandatory. Adding a checkbox to your customer account creation form lets your customers indicate whether they want to receive marketing material from your store and makes your store compliant with some countries' laws.

Who is this for?

The feature is intended for any store that is working or trying to break into an international marketplace.

What we can do for you?

While it is advisable to keep the same layout for all customers, it is also possible to show this feature only to select countries where the feature is mandatory by law. Note that the additional functionality request should be discussed before submitting a task.


  • Collaborator access to your store
  • Access to the Themes section of the store
  • Access to the Customer section of the store


We will integrate a checkbox field into your customer account creation form. Your customer will be able to give you explicit consent on whether they wish to receive promotional marketing from your store, which will be visible in your admin, Customer section.


Get consent for promotional emails

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Get consent for promotional emails

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