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Project summary

Shopify is a very powerful and extremely flexible eCommerce platform that allows you to set your store exactly how you had envisioned it. Although many of the Shopify themes are packed with useful features which will help you to achieve a more customized look, certain tweaks would require the help of professionals specialized in HTML and CSS, as well as the Shopify templating language-Liquid.

Our Shopify developers can assist you with customizing your store to achieve the exact look and functionalities that your brand requires.

Who is this for?
Shopify merchants who are looking to optimize their Shopify Impulse theme and include all of the configurations, customizations and tools which will help them achieve their sales and revenue goals as efficiently as possible.

What do we offer?
The Impulse theme is extremely flexible and enables you to change a lot of things if required. When it comes to its customization there is no one-size-fits-all approach since every store sets its own branding and conversion goals.

Here are a few examples of the customizations we can implement to help you create a conversion-driven store and the average amount of hours each customization usually requires:
  • Build a cross-sell functionality in the cart page/ drawer
    The project starts at 3 hours, depending on the functionality
  • Create a reorder functionality in the account page
    The project usually requires 3 hours
  • Add a separate quantity selector for each variant
    The project usually requires 3 hours
  • Add a sticky add to cart button that appears on scroll 
     The project usually requires 2-3 hours, depending on the design
  • Include a quantity and add to cart button on collection pages 
     The project usually requires 3 hours
  • Admin access to your Shopify store.
  • Shopify Impulse Theme Installation 
     It's important that the premium theme is purchased and not in a trial mode, because trial mode doesn't allow any code changes

Customized Shopify Impulse theme that suits your store’s needs and matches your business goals. (edited) 


Impulse theme customization

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Impulse theme customization

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