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What is ADA?
The 1990 ADA (American Disabilities Act) was intended to ensure that persons with disabilities can equally enjoy and use "public accommodation places." Today, the DOJ, courts, and lawyers have reached the turning point that such places are known as websites and mobile apps, and therefore secured.

Why should your Shopify site be ADA compliant?
Website owners of Shopify are soon finding that connectivity to the website is a new cost of doing business that can not be overlooked. We also reached the ethical turning point and websites today are called "places of public accommodation" and are also subject to the American Disabilities Act.

The non-ADA compliant eCommerce and Shopify websites are ripe targets for trolling law firms finding quick cash. The number one segment for website-related ADA litigation is currently retail. Also after the pandemic, the demand letters and lawsuits are not slowing. Currently, letters of demand tend to be rising in fact.

How can Codetasker make your Shopify site ADA compliant?
Codetasker first inspects the website and finds any WCAG breaches and ensures that the website is accessible and insulated from legal proceedings, and then our experts fix and correct those bugs to comply with the ADA. We are especially confident that the growing number of short-cut "solutions" that can be further addressed can be avoided.

What's included

  • Automated & manual audit of the Shopify website
  • Identify all wcag violations
  • Remediate and fix issues of the Shopify website
  • Comply with the ADA

What's not included

Short-cut solutions

Final thoughts:

Codetasker experts will come up with a solution that is feasible for you and provides consumers with value at the same time. However, it can often be difficult to expand or add new functionality in your Shopify store; however, the Codetasker can help you do it according to your preferences to help you achieve your success along with its Shopify experts! Contact us for more detail!


Shopify ADA Accessibility

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Shopify ADA Accessibility

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