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Shopify Optimisation

With our expert opinions and recommended changes, we'll help you strengthen your brand and your Shopify Plus website.



  • Data-led analysis
  • UX/UI audit & development
  • User research & testing
  • Internationalisation


  • Creative design
  • Scope & discovery processes
  • Implementation


  • Digital strategy
  • Definition & discovery
  • UX audit & goal-planning
  • Wireframe & prototype

A user-centred approach, balancing customer experience and your business goals with beautiful design.

eCommerce development


Using expert optimization, you may take advantage of unused e-commerce chances.

Our optimisation service, which is the foundation of our for success programme, helps time-constrained ecommerce managers by relieving their workload and boosting their strategic firepower.

We'll help you consistently enhance your customer experience and boost conversions using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, relevant testing, perceptive analysis, and clear suggestions. With Shopify Plus, your chances of success are good.

    eCommerce development

    The majority of people who visit your website don't make purchases from you.

    Let's reverse that! We'll assist you in resolving important issues by using our methodical approach, such as:

    1. Where do visitors leave my Shopify Plus website?

    2. What prevents people from making a purchase?

    3. How can I get more visitors to become paying clients?

    Finding the friction and opportunity to increase conversions for your brand is our goal..


      What optimization solutions do you have?

      The following services are included in our two 12- and 24-month optimization packages:

      - Data analysis

      - User behaviour insights

      - Expert reviews

      - Competitor landscape research

      - Experimentation

      - Measure, test, & auditing

      - Pro-active roadmap planning


      Our conversion rate optimisation service covers five core elements:

      1. 1

        Data analysis.

        Understanding where and what is happening on your e-commerce site.

      2. 2

        User behaviour insight.

        Investigating the cause by analysing consumer behaviour from various sources.

      3. 3

        Competitor landscape.

        Researching your market and figuring out what your rivals are doing more effectively

      4. 4

        Expert review.

        Combining frameworks and heuristic analysis to look for possibilities.

      5. 5

        Measure & test.

        Making recommendations in order of importance and carefully verifying our theory.


      Optimization of conversion rates is a continuous effort, not a one-time operation!

      At Codetasker, our optimisation service delivers a:

      • Continual process of research
      • Prioritised roadmap for development
      • Experimentation at the heart of everything we do.

      Launch your optimisation

      As part of our  programme, your optimisation plan will be as unique as your business so get in touch for an obligation-free chat today. You’ll have access to:


      Our Expert Teams.

      You can easily get in touch with our knowledgeable, amiable optimisation team to go through our strategies and suggestions in more detail.


      Guaranteed Optimisation Hours.

      Our strategies grow with you. You may select the appropriate level of optimization help for your company, from diagnostics through planning and delivery.


      Detailed Documentation.

      You'll always be engaged! We provide thorough justification, practical knowledge, and a 'live' CRO matrix that records all conclusions and suggestions.

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